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Read review Shellharbour City Print Shop by Priti Shishodia - (5/5) Monday 27 January 2020 à 16:58

Hi, Do you want more clients and customers? We will help you by placing your website on the 1st page on Google. I will be happy to send the Free Proposal and Pricing. Want to know more abo...

Read review Hydronic Heating Services In Melbourne by Jeson will - (5/5) Thursday 16 January 2020 à 23:02

Amazing your service was superb at this price range. I have installed a hydronic heating system a few years ago at my home. But now it troubles me a lot, But after service, it's working fine!...

Read review Hydronic Heating Services In Melbourne by Muler - (4/5) Thursday 16 January 2020 à 22:53

Yes, I am quite happy with the Heating Doctor team who came to install my hydronic heating system. Overall the service was fantastic.

Read review Cheap Bond Cleaning Brisbane by Smith - (5/5) Wednesday 15 January 2020 à 11:56

Best bond cleaning team ever.

Read review Changeover Pty Ltd by Pauline - (0/5) Saturday 11 January 2020 à 19:07

Horrible unprofessional work, left with damages and having to pay someone to fix and repair the works they did! Stay away at all costs

Read review Incontinence Products Direct by Angelina Jolie - (5/5) Tuesday 24 December 2019 à 21:35

Excellent customer service and great pricing!

Read review Rabobank by Nicolas Sampson - (0/5) Sunday 15 December 2019 à 14:37

I will be withdrawing all our monies as soon as I have sorted out my problem with Centrelink. There is absolutely no way I can contact any one over the weekend and nowhere to leave an URGENT message....

Read review Carpet Cleaning in Canberra by Coby Stewart - (5/5) Thursday 21 November 2019 à 22:01

Excellent and particularly most beneficial service. The certified carpet cleaning service. I have experienced it. My parents are absolutely happy with the compensation which they gave to me at a remar...

Read review St.George Bank by Diana Delia - (5/5) Tuesday 29 October 2019 à 12:49

Contacted this branch spoke to Jason. Very helpful. My enquiry was resolved. Thank you

Read review Rapsimo by Amelia Jones - (5/5) Thursday 22 August 2019 à 23:01

Great range of wedding dresses as well as wedding shoes and wedding accessories.

Read review Super Easy Pty Ltd by Mark Smith - (5/5) Friday 19 July 2019 à 17:24

I’ve have been using Supereasy for my SMSF annual accounting for over 15 years. An excellent service year after year. Nice and friendly people and value for money

Read review Vitali Hasid Translation Services by Anonymous - (0/5) Friday 19 July 2019 à 00:05

This business is a scam. Do not use. They are not and never have been at this address.

Read review Green Carpet Cleaning Sydney by Eden White - (5/5) Thursday 11 July 2019 à 15:21

I work at a local supermarket where the carpets for sale were turning muddy and smelly. I referred Green Cleaners Team to my manager and they literally provided the gem of services....

Read review Professional Pest Control Melbourne by Evelyn Walker - (5/5) Friday 5 July 2019 à 21:27

Cockroaches create such a mess that you don’t like to visit that place. My kitchen seemed to be a similar place before I called the exterminators. Their service is just above par and their prices ar...

Read review Fast Pest Flea Control Melbourne by Eva Kelly - (5/5) Friday 5 July 2019 à 16:49

The technicians were professional, they came on time and did their job in a professional manner. Will use them again for sure! highly recommended.