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Read review Initial Tiles & Bathware by Robert Vegas - (5/5) Thursday 28 October 2021 à 23:15

We had a great time working with Initial Tiles and Bathware. Excellent service, exceptional items, excellent quality, quick shipment, free design consultation, and excellent price. That's unbeatable....

Read review Flood Damage Restoration Brisbane by Paige Gibson - (5/5) Wednesday 27 October 2021 à 05:19

I was very happy with the service provide by Robin. Good communication, and flexibility, good end - product. I would recommend..

Read review Removalists Eastern Suburbs Adelaide by Dusty Griffiths - (5/5) Saturday 23 October 2021 à 16:37

They were brilliant throughout the whole process of my move. The two men present on the day were extremely helpful, Thanks a lot!

Read review Best Movers Adelaide by Sidney Rodrique - (5/5) Saturday 23 October 2021 à 16:35

Getting a quote and booking the move was very straightforward and the sales rep was super responsive. So happy with the job.Thank you!

Read review Best Movers Adelaide by Hilario Brehmer - (5/5) Saturday 23 October 2021 à 16:34

The job was completed by our instructions, Professional, courteous and careful. Wore masks through the entire process as well. Highly recommended!

Read review Best Movers Adelaide by Jonathan Pepin - (5/5) Saturday 23 October 2021 à 16:32

My furniture moved with these guys and they were great, Very friendly and went above and beyond to help us. I will definitely recommend it. Thank you!

Read review Best Movers Adelaide by Longs Silvester - (5/5) Saturday 23 October 2021 à 16:30

The team did an excellent job, helping my partner with wrapping heavy items. They quoted overnight delivery and the prices were also very reasonable. Thank you!

Read review Best Movers Adelaide by Darren Austria - (5/5) Saturday 23 October 2021 à 16:29

They provided really good moving services and made our move easy and simple. Highly recommended them. Thank you!

Read review Initial Tiles & Bathware by Michaels - (5/5) Saturday 23 October 2021 à 00:18

I'm quite pleased with the work done by Initial Tiles and Bathware.  This was the first time I had used their services and products. I found them online and decided to hire them to remodel my kitc...

Read review Blocked Drains Turramurra by Dusty Griffiths - (5/5) Wednesday 20 October 2021 à 15:46

I found that the plumber was one of the best I've engaged with. He arrived on time and cleared the blocked drains easily. Thanks!

Read review Roof Repairs Central Coast by Andrea Patterson - (5/5) Tuesday 19 October 2021 à 16:30

Really impressed with the excellent responsiveness and friendliness of their team. They quoted a very reasonable rate, and fixed our leaking roof, within hours of my call. Thank you!...

Read review Plumber Central Coast by Andy Edmunds - (5/5) Tuesday 19 October 2021 à 16:29

We have a very badly blocked bathroom drain that would not clear no matter what we did. He came and cleared it just within a few minutes. Thanks!

Read review Dishwasher Repairs Central Coast by Olive Cox - (5/5) Tuesday 19 October 2021 à 16:27

The technician was professional, knowledgeable and polite. He took the effort to repair our dishwasher quickly. I appreciated the fact that he was able to help me. Thank you!

Read review Toilet Repair Blacktown by Arnold Anzalones - (5/5) Monday 18 October 2021 à 16:06

Micael was very responsive and fast, the whole event from calling till the settling of the toilet, was within 90mins. I am very pleased with his service. Thank you!!

Read review Roof Repairs Blacktown by Dusty Griffiths - (5/5) Monday 18 October 2021 à 16:05

Great comapny with the help of John to fix the broken roof, they repaired it nicely. The plumber is very polite and responsible.